What Our Clients Are Saying

“Highly recommend Lynne if you want an attorney who cares for their clients, and doesn’t just view them as a dollar sign attached to a stop watch.”

Mel K. Owner, Cooling and Heating Company

“Lynne has ensured that we have a solid and protectable trademark and copyright portfolio, and that our brand is protected for years to come. Lynne has also been invaluable when it comes to litigating aspects of our portfolio, identifying cost effective strategies to protect our brand, marks and images, avoiding foreseeable pitfalls, and ensuring that we as a team are well equipped on a day to day basis.”

Daniel C. Co-Founder and COO, Toy Company

“What I like most about Lynne is that she is proactive and a deeply critical, reflective thinker. The type of legal expertise you want on your side.”

Zoe M. Owner, Custom Jewelry Company

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